About Us

Altpile Industry is engaged in multiple businesses. Here we ensure safe profit to our investors with the use of our best sources: Forex trade, Cryptocurrency Trading, Digital exchange, P2P lending, and Etherium Mining.

We started from being a team of traders on 2012. Since then we continue the good work and now we have decided to launch our own company engaging on a multiple source of income.

The plans and strategies we use are professionally planned for a long term and stable profit for our investors. We know that stability is always the key for everything.

How we work.

Forex trading
Forex Trading is one of the most profitable source of income. We have the most competetive traders around the world.
Cryptocurrency Trading
We have the best team all over the world to ensure we always get a reliable profit from the crypto market.
Gold Investment
We all know the potential of gold so the team is always taking advantage on investing at gold.
Digital Exchange
We are operating digital exchange on most of digital assets to gain interest from it.
P2P Lending
We are giving high return from lenders and low interest from borrowers. It is very effective to both parties.
Etherium Mining
We all know that etherium is very popular this days. We are engaged to this business since a long time ago and until now we are still persisting.